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About Sunset Performance Engines

Sunset Performance Engines, is ran by veteran Pro Stock engine builder Joe Jolly. Joe has over 20 years experience in the high performance racing industry.

Joe Jolly has worked with some of the greatest legends of racing, many who have paved the way for where he is today. John Lingenfelter was the very first team he worked on and John had a huge impact in Joe's life professionally and personally. Joe went on to work with Bob Glidden, Larry Morgan, and Bob Book just to name a few. For several years Joe ran Madcap Racing Engines and was entrusted by V Gaines to start his Prostock Engine program from the ground up. There he was able to establish a sportsman customer base, many of which are still with him today. In 2014, Sunset Racecraft became Sunset Performance after the death of the original owner and moved to its current location just north of Dallas, TX.


Sunset Performance Engines is honored to serve each and every one of our customers. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products and services with over 65 years of combined experience in the performance motorsports industry. Not only do our customers get the best performance products and services in the industry they also get the added confidence that they can continue to contact our dedicated professional master engine builders for technical advice after their purchase.


Joe Jolly

Joe Jolly
Owner / Pro Stock Engine Builder

Joe has over 20 years experience in the high performance racing industry.